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How to choose a Hot tub

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Hot Tips for Choosing a Hot Tub

For centuries, people had to travel to natural thermal springs to enjoy the revitalizing healing power of soaking in the warmth of bubbling hot water. Today, you can easily enjoy this time-honored pleasure at home. Your easy-to-install and maintain portable, high-tech hot tub will allow you to experience the luxury of warm water hydrotherapy and a range of gentle water massage treatments whenever you desire, in your own back yard.

This is an ideal season to install your new hot tub and start to enjoy it immediately, in peaceful solitude or relaxed socializing with family and friends. Choosing the right hot tub for you and your lifestyle from among many available models and options can be a little confusing. Here are some useful tips:

1. Look Up the Manufacturer
Not all hot tubs are created equal. Choose a model from a national manufacturer with a reputation for quality. If the company has been in business for decades, you will know they stand behind their product. Look for manufacturers that have earned public endorsements or awards that you know, such as the trusted Good Housekeeping Seal and the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy.

2. Research Your Options & Make a Plan
When planning your back yard for the arrival of your hot tub, start the discussion with your local dealer, who is experienced and knowledgeable about back yard design and hot tub installation. These professionals will help you plan with confidence. Take advantage of the informative, idea-filled free guides offered to homeowners by leading retailers and manufacturers, and easily obtained from websites such as

3. Consider Size and Space
How large is your backyard or patio? If you have limited room or a small access gate, consider models that are less than 30” tall or models with a small footprint. “Convertible” models offer the ease of being able to plug into a standard wall outlet.

4. Check Out the Construction. Be sure to find a model with full-foam insulation under the spa to ensure maximum heat retention. Inexpensive models lacking foam insulation will cost more to operate over time.

5. Choose the Right Cabinetry for Your Backyard Environment. The spa skirting is the cabinetry that surrounds the hot tub and enhances its overall look. The best option is advanced synthetic materials that are highly durable, require no maintenance and can stand up to nature’s elements. Choose a wood tone color that matches your landscape and your personal style.

6. Test the Seats and Lounge Options
Try out the seats of different models to be sure you choose a hot tub that is comfortable for your body type. Reputable dealers will have models that homeowners can test out before buying. Do you want a model with or without a lounge seat? “Try both options to see what is right for you and the people in your family,” suggests Richard and Jill Goode, of Spa and Deck Creations, Inc. located in Blairsville, GA. Sophisticated companies will offer partially submerged “cool-down” seats to ease the transition from in and out of the water. Also look for seats that incorporate the hydrotherapy experience from the neck to the feet.

7. Choose Jets for Quality, Durability and Luxury Performance
For superior quality, long-term durability and a luxury massage, ask about hot tubs with patented, bearingless jets featuring no moving parts. Technologically-advanced bearingless jet designs allow a range of swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating hydromassage for every therapeutic technique. Make sure they are adjustable so that you can turn them on and off to customize your experience.

8. Air Blowers Allow Soothing Aromatherapy
Sundance Spas pioneered the experience-enhancing, air-blown aromatherapy system that releases beneficial aromas like calming vanilla or stimulating jasmine. For example, Sundance’s SunScents™ Spa Fragrance system utilizes an integrated blower to infuse your hot tub with millions of fragrant air bubbles that softly burst at the water’s surface.

9. Sparkling Water Features Enhance the Hot Tub Experience
A delightful addition to the hot tub experience, lighted water features, such as spillover fountains and terraced waterfalls with their charming sights and sounds, are in high demand. Many hot tub owners insist on the beauty of water features because they can be used year-round while entertaining in the back yard.

10. Be Sure Your Hot Tub Has a Cover
Save energy by making sure that your hot tub comes with an insulating cover. It’s important to have a cover and use cover locks to ensure that children cannot play in the hot tub when adults are not supervising.

11. Now That’s Entertainment!
Choose from great music and entertainment features for your new hot tub, such as high-tech stereos with subwoofers, MP3 plugs and docking stations specifically licensed by Apple® for your iPod®. Most people don’t watch TV in their hot tubs, so if you are looking for an outdoor home theater, choose a more flexible indoor/outdoor unit that can be used anywhere in the back yard.

12. Look at Internet Websites
For more helpful backyard design tips and suggestions, visit Sundance Spas of Blue Ridge GA.
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