Sunday, November 23, 2008

Save thousands on our Refurbished Spas

We have taken in our customer's used Hot tubs. We take the spas in trade when someone wanted to upgrade their spa. Why do people want to UPGRADE? When someone has a Hot Tub they have had for years, or they moved into a house where there was a spa, and then they come in our showroom, either to shop, or get their supplies, and then they look around and see the spa of their dreams. We can make the switch!! We also have cases where people need a repair of their older spa, and it will cost them several hundred dollars to replace the main parts. We offer them a "Trade in Value" for their spa, and they get a certain amount of money off of their new spa purchase.
Then we bring their Hot tub back to our workshop, put new parts in, sanitize and polish the shell, order it a new cover and pillows. We put a new filter in, test the functions, and make sure it is in great shape, and it is ready for sale!! You can really save literally thousands on your purchase, by buying this refurbished spa.
SO THIS IS THE THING: If you have an older spa that you simply are tired of, needs repair, or doesn't offer you the therapy that you need, UPGRADE!! We can offer you money off your new spa purchase!! We do all the work. We come to your house, examine the site, offer suggestions, whether to put your new spa in the same location, check the bracing and electrical to see if the new spa you want will be ok in the same place. We can offer suggestions for another location, and help you get the decking done, cement pad, or whatever you need. WE can also send a qualified electrician to install the correct electrical for your particular spa, if it is in a different location, or if it requires a different wire.
We help you decide what is the best new Hot tub for your needs, family size, therapy needs, and we have Beautiful Spas on display, filled with hot water for testing. We have right now, since it is end of the year, a great selection of models ON CLEARANCE!!
I have a perfect example of this in a picture show, one of our customers who traded their spa in and we removed his old, and delivered and set up his new spa, and the show is on our website: Go to the photo gallery page. While you are there, look around, and link to the sites of our favorite manufacturer's. Jacuzzi, Sundance spas, Nordic Hot tubs, Shoreline. We don't have the pictures up yet of the spas we are offering, that we have refurbished, but just call us and we can tell you about them. Or just email us from our website, and we can email back the list. and pictures. or email me:
I would love to help you get the spa of your dreams, whether brand new, or used, we deliver and install, and SAVE THOUSANDS on your purchase: RIGHT NOW is the best time to buy.
Many spas marked down for inventory reduction, clearance of 2008 models. Also Many of our used spas are like new, not even very old, and our brands. We have recently bought back from our own customers, so we know the entire history of their spas!! Hurry, they are SWEET DEALS, and we are ready to deliver and set up on your property NOW!!
We also offer another discount, for anyone who wants to pick up their spa, and deliver it themselves! WE will forklift it onto your trailer, and help strap it down for a safe ride back.
Call us, Spa and Deck Creations, Inc. 706-745-0630 Delivering to North Georgia, Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, even Chattanooga!!

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